Case Studies

We understand that every institution is different. MyStudentBody is a prevention program flexible enough to fit into several approaches on campus, whether you need to support a "dry campus," provide a strong foundation in alcohol education to a large incoming freshmen population, or harness teachable moments for those students that violate alcohol and drug policies.

All across the country, administrators at a range of institutions are using MyStudentBody to reduce student health risks, gather data about their programs, and positively impact retention rates. Take a look at some examples below. You'll find a variety of experiences directly from administrators currently using MyStudentBody.

Fashion Institute of Technology Uses MyStudentBody to Support “Dry Campus” Policy

Read about how our comprehensive, user-friendly program helps the Fashion Institute of Technology educate students and set expectations about the use of alcohol and other drugs.

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Louisiana State University Uses MyStudentBody to Educate Students About High-Risk Behaviors

Check out how Louisiana State University uses MyStudentBody as its primary alcohol prevention program encouraging healthy lifestyles with its students.

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Morrisville State College Uses MyStudentBody to Harness 'Teachable Moments' For Prevention

Learn about why Morrisville State College chose MyStudentBody over other programs and how administrators are using it to reach both students and parents to make the biggest impact possible.

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Wake Forest Uses MyStudentBody Program to Supplement Mandatory Student Health Course

Take a look at how Wake Forest University encourages students to live healthy lifestyles by innovatively incorporating multiple components of MyStudentBody into its mandatory health and wellness class.

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We are generally using MyStudentBody for judicial violations, but we hope to continue to expand use of the program for non-policy violating students. I am especially pleased with the personal service offered."

-Art Shuster, Director of Counseling at Warren Wilson College