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Helping Students Choose Success

College students make choices every day that affect their academic success and ultimately their success in life. The choices they make about alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence can be among the toughest—and can have the most serious consequences. MyStudentBody is a comprehensive, evidence-based, online prevention program that gives students the tools to choose behavior that helps them successfully navigate the social pressures of the campus environment and achieve academic success.

Research shows that skill-based and motivational interventions that include personalized feedback are effective in reducing risky drinking behavior among college students. MyStudentBody Essentials and Student Conduct courses are based on those strategies. These online courses incorporate drug and alcohol assessments and use each student’s response to generate educational material tailored to that student’s perceptions and behaviors. For example, the program can compare the student’s estimate of how much alcohol others drink to population norms. By giving students information based on their self-reported levels of risk, MyStudentBody can help them make choices that support their educational goals.

Online alcohol prevention programs have been shown to help students make immediate positive changes in problematic behavior. But in order for these changes to persist, students need more than a one-time intervention; promoting a healthy campus culture requires ongoing reinforcement.

MyStudentBody is the only online college prevention program that continues to provide students with health education, self-assessment, tools, and strategies to cope with behavioral risks, available 24/7 throughout the school year. MyStudentBody is also the only online college drug and alcohol program that boosts your prevention message with follow-up assessment at 30, 60, or 90 days. The follow-up assessment reinforces your prevention message and gathers data to track the effects of your program on student drinking, drug use, and sexual victimization.

MyStudentBody was developed and tested in NIH-funded field trials under the leadership of Emil Chiauzzi, Ph.D. Our in-house team includes psychologists, designers, software developers, and experts in student affairs and health communication. We also work closely with our customers, integrating your feedback into program improvements and collaborating to make MyStudentBody responsive to your changing concerns. We communicate via newsletters, social media, and one-on-one technical support.

MyStudentBody is listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Students Like It—and Use It

Course completion surveys consistently show that students rate MyStudentBody highly.

  • 92% of students say it’s easy to navigate.
  • 90% say it provides moderate-, good-, or excellent- quality info about alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence.
  • 88% say it’s successful at addressing college health and wellness issues.
  • 86% find it helpful in using alcohol safely and responding to alcohol emergencies.
  • 85% find it helpful in taking more careful precautions to maintain their personal safety.
  • 84% find it helpful in making informed decisions about drug use.
  • 80% say the course would help new students make a healthy adjustment to college.
  • 73% say it made them more aware of campus drug and alcohol policies.
  • 72% find it helpful in decreasing their alcohol use.
  • 68% say the program enhanced their knowledge about drugs, alcohol, and sexual violence.
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We are generally using MyStudentBody for judicial violations, but we hope to continue to expand use of the program for non-policy violating students. I am especially pleased with the personal service offered."

-Art Shuster, Director of Counseling at Warren Wilson College