MyStudentBody - Site Help: Purchasing and Implementing

Site Help: Purchasing and Implementing

Whom do I contact if I'm an administrator and would like to use MyStudentBody at my school?

Contact an account executive, who will be happy to talk with you about your school's specific needs and help you determine whether MyStudentBody is a good fit.

How much does MyStudentBody cost?

Cost is determined by the size of your school's undergraduate enrollment, the length of the subscription, and the courses that your school chooses to offer. Contact us to learn more and get pricing information for your school.

Can my school purchase only the Student Conduct Course?

Yes. If your school is looking strictly for a student-conduct sanctioning option, the MyStudentBody Student Conduct course can be purchased separately. Contact us to learn more.

What are the evidence-based theories behind MyStudentBody?

MyStudentBody is a research-tested and evidence-based intervention. Self-assessments modeled on the evidence-based BASICS program provide students with personalized motivational feedback. The program also gives students access to necessary health information and offers practical health-protection strategies to help reduce risk and improve self-efficacy, consistent with the Health Belief Model. Finally, students have access to normative information and statistics about college students and risky behavior, consistent with social norms theory. These approaches are aimed at giving students the skills they need to make informed, healthy decisions.

What research has MyStudentBody conducted to show efficacy?

MyStudentBody was developed with grant support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and has been subjected to field trials to test its efficacy. Here's a summary of the findings from the NIH-sponsored field trials, with links for details. A number of schools have also used MyStudentBody in their own research. Contact us if you're interested in research opportunities.

What kind of reports and data can administrators get from MyStudentBody?

Administrators can get a range of reports and data from the program, including course completion reports to validate student compliance with requirements, aggregated assessment data on students' self-reported alcohol and drug use to discover campus trends, traffic reports to verify usage of the program, and satisfaction reports to find out what students think about the MyStudentBody experience. For more detailed information about MyStudentBody reports, contact us.

How are schools using MyStudentBody?

MyStudentBody is used in wide variety of ways. An overview of the most common implementation options is given below. 

  • Require incoming freshmen and transfer students to take the Essentials Course. This helps to ensure that all students receive the same information about alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence. Schools also can choose to require the course as a complement to their alcohol and drug policies. The Sexual Violence component can help schools comply with portions of the Campus SaVE Act. 
  • Use the Student Conduct Course for students who have violated alcohol and drug policies. It's specifically tailored for this group of students and can be purchased separately.
  • Engage parents in alcohol and drug prevention by encouraging them to use the parent program. Parents play a huge role in guiding students toward making the right decisions. The parent program gives tips on how to effectively communicate with students. Many schools notify parents about MyStudentBody during orientation, through a parent website, or in parent-targeted communications such as newsletters. Administrators can download and print a special parent guide that can be distributed during parent weekends or included in admissions and/or orientation kits.
  • Monitor student alcohol and drug use trends on campus with our reporting tools. Administrators can view aggregate data about students' self-reported alcohol and drug use, data similar to the Core Institute and National College Health Assessment (NCHA) surveys, as well as compare their school's results with data from other schools.
  • Research, develop, and implement campus-wide prevention initiatives. Administrators use our resources and tools to find evidence-based strategies for addressing specific concerns on their campus and to reach out to colleagues and develop a campus-wide task force for creating change.

Can I contact schools that are currently using MyStudentBody?

Contact us, and an account executive can connect you with MyStudentBody administrators at peer schools.

Can I get an extension for my guest pass?

Yes. Contact us, and an account executive can extend your guest pass.